Municipal bonds are securities issued by cities, counties, states and other governmental entities to finance projects that are considered beneficial to the public ...


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Last Updated 3/04/19. Issue: Municipal securities are issued by states or local governments to fund a variety of government expenditures and investments ...


Municipal bonds tend to be popular with wealthy investors, but their generally tax -exempt status makes them appealing for investors in a variety of tax brackets.


The tax benefits of municipal debt may allow investors to keep more of the income they earn and may provide a measure of relative stability.


Jan 29, 2019 ... Municipal bond investors like their muni portfolios to play the role of Old Faithful in their overall asset allocation, providing safety and income.


What does it mean when an Oregon bond is tax-exempt? What is a taxable bond ? What are some benefits of purchasing municipal bonds? What is a State of ...


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Foreign investors matter to the municipal bond market for two reasons.