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The traps in floor drains—or for that matter, any drains that aren't used often—will eventually dry out. This may sound harmless enough, but a dry trap can cause a room to fill with potentially harmful sewer gas from the septic tank or the city sewer system. Eliminate this problem by adding about a quart of fresh water topped ...


The windows are closed, the heater is fired up—and then there's a stench you just can't get rid of. It's difficult to air out your home during the winter. And what's worse, your heating system and fireplace can cause all sorts of new unpleasant odors, too. To keep your abode smelling fresh and clean until spring, we made a  ...


Dec 6, 2017 ... Human noses can detect musty or moldy smells lingering in our homes and clothes. Read about how you can get rid of these odors and improve air quality.


Dec 9, 2008 ... Good Question: My boyfriend and I just moved into a beautiful old house with wood floors (no carpet) in LA about a month ago. I love it, but there is a distinct old-house smell. I've tried candles, Lysol, Meyer's plug-ins, throwing dryer sheets in the closets.... to no avail. Any ideas? Ideally we'd just get rid of the ...


Sep 28, 2017 ... But then I woke up the next morning to discover that the whole house smelled like curry. It was in the cabinets. It was in the couch. The smell lingered around the stove and on the dishtowels and it suddenly felt entirely possible that this was my life now. I now lived in an impenetrable cloud of cardamom, ...


Jun 19, 2017 ... Lingering odors can affect how much you enjoy your home. Whether your family caused the odor in your home or you inherited a smelly room from the previous owner, you can get rid of it using a few proven methods. Avoid making the mistake of spraying an air freshener to cover up a bad smell. While it ...


Aug 4, 2017 ... However, there are several easy methods for making your home smell fresh and clean again! Determine ... To make your house smell better, first find the source of the odor, such as a full garbage can or a clogged sink, and eliminate it if you can. .... How do I get rid of a lingering cigarette smell in my house?


Feb 13, 2018 ... Your Homes Newcastle says it will have to carry out 'very intrusive' work after a Fenham barber complained of a 'rotten meat' smell.


traps whenever you drain fixtures. • If the traps are dry, sewer gas vents directly into the house. I Do Get Sewer Smells, What Do I Do Now? There are a variety of reasons that sewer smells may be entering a home or business. These include: • A common reason is the lack of required traps or vents. Every fixture should have.