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Aug 12, 2016 ... This tutorial will teach you how to fix your PS3 if it won't read discs. ... is correctly set and that it is compatible with the disc that you're trying to play. ... refuses to read games and won't spin the disk · My ps3 isnt reading games ...

Nov 20, 2012 ... Check out my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BraandonT. ... Step 6: Insert disk Step 7: Turn PS3 upside down Result: Disk reads and plays. ... How do you fix a ps3 that won't load like I can see the game when click on it ...
Jun 10, 2016 ... My doesnt work so i tried this trick but it still didnt work so i am going to like get in the ps3 ... How to fix your ps3 when it wont load games 2016!! .... I got nba 2k14 and it is not playing I don't know what is wrong .... FIX PS3 Won't Read Disc: Fix Your PS3 Laser - Step-by-Step Instructions - Duration: 44:15.


I bought it used and have had it for about a year and just last week I tried to play MGS4 but it wouldnt load it, so I tried all my other games ... Some games won't load but some do? Answered. Why will my games or movies not load on my PS3 ?


I just got mine a few weeks ago from my brother and it wont read discs i tried to put my game in to play and it wont let me at all can someone ...


If your PS3 freezes, turn off the game system by holding down the power button. ... pls i have a problem with my play station 3......when ever i switch it one,it goes .... My ps3 won't come on displays the terms will not start system storage was not  ...


... games I need to finish. And play and my ps3 will not read discs. ... My ps3 super slim wont load my games all i hear is a clicking sound. If i restore it will that ... Comments: Please help mine won't spin I don't no how to do that.


Also sometimes when I put a PS3 game disc in it doesn't show up on .... is a tough one i mean i need the bc since i play my ps2 games alot too.


One of my games was doing this a few days ago and it eventually triggered ... My skyrim won't work I put it in it makes a loading noise then makes a noise ... last updated Mar 27, 07 at 2:16pm; My Ps3 won't play video games ...