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Hello, i changed my ps3 from a 1080i tv to my regular tv and it wont work all u see is blank I also tried holding the power button but all it does is ...


While turning on your PS3, hold the power button down for about 5 ... It is plugged in and everything is set up correctly...it just randomly stopped working ... as my tv won't let me have signal as i put in the hdmi cable into hdmi 1 ...


Preston15, I would try to start the PS3 in safe mode and see if you can restore ... none of these options won't work on my ps3 especially the safe ...


I have had it working with my PS3 on a previous TV. .... TV inputs off HDMI and then back and that would fix it, but now it won't show a thing

Nov 12, 2012 ... thx man watching 2017 my ps3 wont turn did what u syed to do it worked ... All people who's ps3 don't work do this unplug your ps3 then wait ...
Jul 21, 2009 ... If you turn on your ps3, and the video doesnt pop up or it says this video format isn't supported or something along ... It doesn't work for my ps3 .
Jun 25, 2013 ... Hold the power button until it beeps (please subscribe or comment)
Jul 29, 2013 ... I tried resetting my ps3 several times. I tried it with the HDMI cable, no luck and I tried it with the AV cable, no luck. Hell, I even tried it with both ...


Why does my PS3 screen is not appearing on my tv ?? i have used HDMI ... 2nd tv to check if PS3 was working.. and i found that.. its not showing any image on ...