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UNK Alumni Awards, Distinguished Alumni, Jim Rundstrom Service Award.


Dec 2, 2006 ... Cemetery records of the Quartzsite Cemetery in La Paz County, Arizona.


Jun 9, 2010 ... Reported days of use of alcohol and illicit drugs in the past 30 days from the Addiction Severity Index (ASI; McGahan et al., 1986) were summed into a single substance use composite. Self-report substance ..... [PubMed]; Boyd-Franklin N, Aleman J, del C, Jean-Gilles MM, Lewis SY. Cultural Sensitivity and ...


This page is copied from a 1869 Business Directory of Monroe Co., NY and this page only includes the entries for the Town of Greece.


Hill, Lewis D, FIRE PRIVATE, $61,887.02, Oct. 2, 1978. Jackson, Harvey C, FIRE PRIVATE, $61,887.02, Aug. .... Gilmore, Myron A, FIRE PRIVATE, $60,227.44, June 12, 1995. Granda, Richard E, FIRE PRIVATE, $60,227.44 ..... Mcgahan, Ian C, FIRE PRIVATE, $46,644.26, Dec. 9, 2013. Mckechan, Patrick G, FIRE PRIVATE ...


HOWE, Maxine Elsie. HUBER, Karl. HUEBLER, Myron Albert G G ... LEMMENS, Joseph. LeRAY, Angus James. LEWIS, E G. LEWIS, Jackson William & Majorie Ellen. LEWIS, Olive Winifred. LIM, James. LINDOVIST, Brett David. LINDSAY, William Newton. LISTER ... McGAHAN, Paul Bryan. McGORAN, Kenneth. McINDOE ...


May 2, 2009 ... Anita McGahan. David and Susan McGrath. John and Marjorie McKenzie. Allison L. McNeill. Natasha Medwedeff. Steve Mencher. Shirley and Charles Middleton. Gregor Mittersinker. Richard Morales. Andrea Mudd. Charlie and Deirdre Munitz. Meghan Murphy. Thomas C. Murphy. Emily J. Myron.


I. F 991 Cline, A. J 991 Dunn, Dr. B. 1 414 Dunbar, J. II 762 Archer, Dr. Meredith C. 408 Arthur, Abraham 1028 Breiner, G. D 935 Breiner, Lewis 935 Coffman, M 883 ..... M 797 Mustain, N. D 865 McFall, Sylvester 888 Mustain, G. W 866 McGahan,"A. H 849 Mustain, C. P 866 McGaughey, J. G 784 McGee, W. T 770 Mclntosh, ...


Jun 21, 2016 ... Lewis. William. Jeffries. 11. Lindner. Philip. Francis. 11. Loguidice. Carl. Joseph. 11. Maples. James. Hoyle. 11. Marsilio. Thomas. Michael. 11. McGahan. Michael. Patrick. 11. Melby. William. Jalmer P. 11. Nusom. Frank. Allen. 11. O'Dell. James. Michael. 11. Ratcliff. Terry. Ollin. 11. Sagel. Paul. Joseph. 11.