Myron of Eleutherae (Ancient Greek: Μύρων), working c. 480–440 BC, was an Athenian sculptor from the mid-5th century BC. He was born in Eleutherae on the  ...


Myron: Myron, Greek sculptor, an older contemporary of the sculptors Phidias and Polyclitus, considered by the ancients as one of the most versatile and ...


Myron of Eleutherae (active 480-440): Early Classical Greek Sculptor Noted for Discobolus, Discus-Thrower.


Myron (Biographical details). Myron (sculptor/medallist; Greek; Male; 460BC - 420BC; approximately). Also known as. Myron. Biography. An Athenian ...


Myron >The Greek sculptor Myron (active ca. 470-450 B.C.) was one of the most >renowned sculptors of the early classical period. Myron was born at Eleutherai ...


Myron of Eleutherae. 480-440 BC Greek Sculptor Was an Athenian sculptor from the mid-5th century BC.He was born in Eleutherae on the borders of Boeotia ...


Myron. Born: fl. 5th c. BC Birthplace: Eleutherae Died: fl. 5th c. BC Cause of death : unspecified. Gender: ... A Greek sculptor of the middle of the 5th century BC.


Myron (1), sculptor from Eleutherae (on the Boeotian-Attic border), active c.470– 440 bce. Reputed pupil of Hageladas and rival of Pythagoras(2) (Plin., HN 34.


"Discobolus" by the ancient Greek sculptor Myron was the most famous masterpiece ... and Marsyas - by Greek sculptor Myron Greek Statues, Classical Greece.