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Feb 13, 2013 ... Monfils et al. in 2009 have shown for the first time that safe information ... immediately following reactivation, in fear conditioned rodents (Nader et al. ..... were different across the two studies: 60 seconds in Flavell et al. vs.


2003; Pedreira and Maldonado 2003; Sangha et al. 2003). ... 1999; Nader et al. 2000a), or also by the learning of a new memory (Walker et al. 2003 .... 3, Experiment 3), showed a significant difference for L1-retrieval at phase 1 vs. L1- CTL (P ...


The reconsolidation hypothesis predicts (see Duvarci et al. ... consolidation of the memory under scrutiny (Judge and Quartermain 1982; Nader et al. ... as in so- called contextual fear vs. the lack of it, as in IA) or other factors may lead retrieval  ...


... fear once it has been established (Powers et al., 2010; Rothbaum and Davis, 2003). .... et al., 1990), protein synthesis inhibitors (Maren et al., 2003; Nader et al ., 2000; ...... Herron CE, Ramsey M, Wolfer DP, Cestari V, Rossi-Arnaud C, et al.


2011; Dudai 2012; Díaz-Mataix et al. ... 2006, 2010; Doyère et al. .... 3B, top, for the outline of the procedures), extinction of L (beginning vs. end, paired t(7) .... are distinct processes involving different mechanisms (Duvarci and Nader 2004),  ...