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Subtle changes in the color or texture of your nails may be a sign of disease elsewhere in the ... Problems in the liver, lungs, and heart can show up in your nails.


Dec 16, 2014 ... Nail pitting can also be related to connective tissue disorders, such as Reiter's syndrome, and alopecia areata — an autoimmune disease that ...


Fingernails — See photos of fingernail conditions that warrant medical attention.


Aug 31, 2015 ... How your nails look can point to some pretty serious health problems. Find out what your fingers and toes are trying to tell you.


Dec 7, 2015 ... It could be nothing, or it could be due to an underlying condition (for instance, nail problems are more common in people with diabetes).


See a picture of and learn about fungal nail infection, in the eMedicineHealth Image Collection Gallery.


Oct 24, 2016 ... If you have a problem with brittle or weak nails, keep them short to avoid breakage. Use lotion on your nails and cuticles to keep the nail and ...


The declining health of your nails is your body's cue that you may have an underlying health problem. Here are 10 nail problems you need to know about.


Feb 1, 2017 ... Nail clubbing has been associated with various underlying pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders, as well as with neoplastic, infectious, ...