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The Prime Minister of Canada is the primary minister of the Crown, chairman of the Cabinet, .... Accordingly, several carried the prefix Sir before their name; of the first eight premiers of ... as mister (as in, Mister President); the Department of Canadian Heritage advises that it is incorrect to use the term Mr Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister of Canada is an official who serves as the primary minister of the Crown, ... Portrait, Name ..... of Justice and Energy Minister, President of the Treasury Board, Minister of National Revenue, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada;  ...


Canada has a Prime Minister, and not a President. The current Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, as Leader of the Liberal Party. Since Canada is a Parliamentary  ...


The Right Honourable Pierre Poutine. Ok, that was a Canadian politics inside joke. ... What is the name of the president of Canada? Why doesn't Canada have a ...


Mar 10, 2016 ... Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Washington for an ... President Trump Hosts Ceremony Recognizing First Responders In The ...


Canada does not have a president. The head of government in Canada is the Prime Minister, and that position is held by Justin Trudeau. The federal ...


Find a list of all the Canadian prime ministers and their terms of office since 1867, from Infoplease.com.

Feb 13, 2017 ... U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will speak at a joint news conference on Monday.


list of prime ministers of Canada: Though the titular head of Canada is the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom ... The name Britain is sometimes used to.