Nov 13, 2018 ... The bean pie came to prominence through the Nation of Islam, a black ... The navy bean was used in a number of new Muslim recipes ...


A bean pie is a sweet custard pie whose filling consists of mashed beans, usually navy bean, sugar, eggs ... "The sweet appeal of the Nation of Islam's bean pie".


Aug 8, 2012 ... I have included a recipe, now there is always a disagreement on whats ... This recipe makes two 9 inch pies. Nation of Islam Navy Bean Pies.


Nov 21, 2014 ... Navy Bean Pie: does a dessert made of navy beans belong at the ... table: This pie is brought to you from the Nation of Islam. ... His daughter developed a sweet potato pie–like recipe using navy beans that was so delicious, ...


Jul 22, 2018 ... Made from navy beans, it was developed by black Muslims in the Nation of Islam in the 1930s. The history of why they created it, and what it ...


Mar 4, 2009 ... After a bit of research, I found quite a few recipes and from the spices added decided that bean pie was trying to approximate a pumpkin or a ...


Jul 18, 2017 ... Neighbor to a large mosque in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the bakery is the home of the navy bean pie, the Nation of Islam-approved healthy snack.


Apr 21, 2016 ... As the founder of Bilalian Baked Goods, Sharif Abdul-Hakim has spent the past four years filling the need for halal desserts in Columbia.


Gammy (as my mom, Barbara Galloway, is known around here) loves to cook and be creative. It's a trait that was passed down from her father. Pinto Bean Pie is ...