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Mario Ernesto Navas seeks review of the BIA's decision denying both asylum and withholding of deportation. Navas fled El Salvador at age 17 after members of the Salvadoran military murdered his aunt, shot at him, threatened him with death, and assaulted his mother. Previously, in 1988, Navas's uncle, a member of the ...


Jul 14, 2011 ... Because the BIA did not make an explicit adverse credibility finding, we assume that the facts in Hu's testimony and asylum application are true. See Ernesto Navas v. INS, 217 F.3d 646, 652 n.3 (9th Cir. 2000) (“Where the BIA does not make an explicit adverse credibility finding, we must assume that the.


Nov 29, 2011 ... Navas's responsibilities. [834 F.Supp.2d 222]. included review of all preliminary notices of tort claims pursuant to the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, N.J.S.A. 59:1-1, et seq., which often overlapped with federal civil rights claims. (DSF ¶ 12; PRSF ¶ 12.) Navas was also responsible for assigning cases to himself ...


May 31, 2013 ... (Qualls and Shine, 1998; Ashmore and Janzen, 2003; Shine,. 2004 .... All mod- els were fitted using the nlme library (Pinheiro et al., 2013) of the R Statistical Package (R Development Core Team, 2011). Thermal limits of heart rate ..... Angilletta MJ, Niewiarowski PH, Navas CA (2002b) The evolution of ther-.


Cd exposure has been associated with lung cancer incidence in a population living in a Cd-polluted area (Nawrot et al. ... In other studies, however, occupational Cd exposure was not associated with breast cancer incidence or mortality (Jarup et al. ..... Gonzales M, Shah V, Bobelu A, Qualls C, Natachu K, Bobelu J, et al.



(Begriche et al., 2011). A cell-based assay, based on the differential LC50 ( concentration causing 50% lethality) for cells cultured in glucose versus galactose medium, has been developed that can detect drug toxicity primarily caused by. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 129(2), 346–362 (2012) doi:10.1093/ toxsci/kfs208.


for growth in colder environments (Berven et al., 1979;. Conover et al., 1997; Conover and Present, 1990; Jonassen et al., 2000). The maintenance of a low capacity for growth in ... more yolk (Angilletta et al., 2006b), countergradient variation persisted after ..... amphibians (Berven, 1982) and reptiles (Qualls and Shine,.


Dec 19, 2003 ... earlier opportunity for reproduction (Qualls and Shine. 2000; but see Andrews et al. 2000). The most plausible scenario is that thermogenesis dur- ing parental care evolved in populations at the northern limits of species' ranges, where thermal challenges limited the survival and reproduction of individuals.