Dec 01 2017, Reply of petitioner New Prime Inc. filed. Dec 06 2017 ... Drivers Association, Inc. filed. Jul 25 2018, Brief amici curiae of Steve Viscelli, et al. filed.


Oliveira v. New Prime, Inc. The story is becoming ever more common in the ... $4 an hour—and nothing at all for other work like loading and unloading the truck.


Oct 3, 2018 ... In New Prime Inc. v. ... drivers of basic workplace protections, puts all the expenses onto the drivers, and keeps many of them trapped in debt.


The case: Dominic Oliveira filed a lawsuit against his employer, New Prime, Inc., ... Because this all had to be done from company-owned or related businesses, ...


Jan 15, 2019 ... Petitioner New Prime Inc. is an interstate trucking company, and re- ... the Act does not extend to all private contracts, no matter how em-.


Summary of this case from McGowan v. ..... of Mrs. Nettie Allen brought suit against the Gulf Transport Company to recover ... All agreed that three passengers disembarked; Mrs. Allen, Frank Welch and his wife, Lila, ... B. Kullman Co. et al. v. .... of the trial judge, on the motion for a new trial, that the verdict was not excessive.