Nelson Watson & Associates is a privately held company in Haverhill, MA . Categorized under Collection ... J. Rogers and Associates, LLC. Lawrence, MA.


Sep 29, 2008 ... Nelson Watson and Associates LLC is a pre-legal collection agency which claims to resolve debts out of the court in a professional manner.


I received a letter from the law firm of Nelson Watson & Associates (800) 764- 1320 on 1-10-09 stating they are representing Resurgent Capital Services, in trying ...

Sep 19, 2014 ... The FDCPA protects you from Nelson, Watson & Associates harassment. https:// www.lemberglaw.com/ If you've experienced Nelson, Watson ...


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If you are being bothered by Nelson Watson and Associates, LLC, dont panic! Don't pay anything to Nelson Watson and Associates, LLC without talking to a ...


(a) In Pavel Mushinsky's complaint, he brings a claim against Nelson, Watson Associates, LLC ("Nelson") for an alleged violation of the Fair Debt Collection Prac ...


A & S Collection Associates Inc; Academy Collection Service Inc; Account Services ... Nelson Watson & Associates LLC; Nelson, Watson & Associates LLC  ...


Nelson Hirsch & Associates, Inc. Rosenthal, Stein & ... Allstate Collections, LLC. d /b/a Smith, Klein & Associates ..... Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC