Neurodevelopmental disorder is a mental disorder. A narrower use of the term refers to a disorder of brain function which affects emotion, learning ability, ...


Today researchers are taking a hard look at low-dose exposures in utero and during childhood to unravel some of the mysteries of impaired neurodevelopment .


KEYNOTE presentation and abstract by professor Louise Gallagher (Dublin, Ireland) on neurodevelopment, held at the ESCAP 2013 Congress in Dublin, ...


neurodevelopment, you can find more detailed information in other modules of the training ... Children & neurodevelopmental behavioural intellectual disorders.


Dec 8, 2014 ... Accumulating data from epidemiology, genetics, epigenetics, basic neuroscience , and neuroimaging point to neurodevelopment as a time for ...


Neurodevelopment is a term referring to the brain's development of neurological pathways that influence performance or functioning (e.g., intellectual functioning  ...


Neurodevelopment, Nutrition, and Inflammation: The Evolving Global Child Health Landscape. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Richard L. Guerrant, Charles A. Nelson III.


Neurodevelopmental Overview. Treating autism, cerebral palsy developmental disorders and conditions of brain and nervous system.


Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children include ... affect neurodevelopment, including (but not limited to) maternal use of alcohol, tobacco , or.