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Nov 19, 2014 ... Mothballs not only smell unpleasant but their chemicals can be harmful. Consider one ... There are more reliable ways of eliminating the odor.


Ah, the stale scent of storage! Banish bad odors with a little DIY know-how and discover how to get rid of mothball smell for good.


The strong odor of these moth deterrers can linger in your home. This guide is about removing mothball smell from your house.


This Jon-Don technical tip describes how to professionally remove mothball odors from a structure or room in a building.


Mothballs don't just smell bad, they are bad for you. Their active ingredients, naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene, are toxic and can cause headaches and  ...


Only then will the activated charcoal be able to capture the last remaining vapors and totally eliminate the odor. Finding and eliminating the mothballs as soon as ...


Jul 25, 2011 ... Leaving the odor-plagued dresser outdoors and in direct sunlight for an ... biodegradable magic that removes and neutralizes odors instead of ...


Eliminating Mothball Odors, Trying to protect the clothes may have ruined them.


How to Remove the Odor of Mothballs. Mothballs (containing naphthalene) leave a smell that isn't very pleasant. Removing the odor can take time but try these ...