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With more than 500,000 high school cheerleaders, STUNT will expand ... To create a new sport derived from cheer that will accomplish the following:.


Apr 7, 2018 ... (The Baltimore Ravens have male stunt men on its cheerleading squad, while the Los Angeles Rams announced the addition of two men last ...


fact you have a lot of cheers, stunts, and tumbling to teach so everyone must be ..... The older cheerleaders like to help the up and coming new cheerleaders.


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Schools 5 - 11 ... Cheerleading stunts pose an increased risk for injury, especially in terms of ..... The majority of the stunt-related cheerleading injuries were new ...


Jun 15, 2018 ... When cheerleaders are practicing a new stunt, there should be enough spotters so that athletes do not come crashing to the floor. Alternatively ...


Tips on preventing cheerleading injuries and identifying overuse and trauma ... levels have created a whole new dynamic, including increased risk for injury. ... of catastrophic injuries in cheerleading, restrictions have been placed on stunts.


Cheerleading. In January 2018, Wallace State's Cheerleaders earned 4th place nationally at the UCA event in Orlando after finishing third in 2017. In July 2016 ...