Extreme weather includes unexpected, unusual, unpredictable, severe or unseasonal weather; ... The global weather-related disaster losses because many impacts, such as loss of ..... http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012 /08/120828-arctic-sea-ice-global-warming-record-environment-science/?source= arctichub ...


4 days ago ... The latest news and comment on natural disasters and extreme weather. ... Indonesia's love affair with its dying natural disaster spokesman.


Jul 27, 2018 ... Extreme weather has struck across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Greece, and ... by smoking, but epidemiologists know that smoking greatly increases the risk. ... And so, we have an update for you on some good news.


Jun 20, 2018 ... UN Climate Change News, 20 June 2018 - Global temperatures for the first ... Moreover, extreme weather affect water supplies, plants, animals and ... of rainfall have combined to pose a risk of wildfires in Scandinavia and the ...


Severe weather research news. Learn how a storm, tornado, hurricane, or cyclone develop. What causes El Nino, La Nina or a drought? What do meterologist ...


Jan 8, 2018 ... The start of 2018 has been marked by extreme weather, including heat, cold, ... and warnings about the weather and water-related hazards.


Jul 12, 2018 ... According to the report, around 152,000 people in Europe could die per year directly from extreme weather hazards between 2071 and 2100 ...


Home · News & Features · Extreme Events ... Hot, dry and windy weather helped create the conditions needed for wildfires to explode in northern and southern ...


Precipitation patterns are shifting, and extreme climate- and weather-related events like wildfires, record ... The University of Washington's natural hazards work touches every facet of climate change—from its ... News in Weather & Climate.