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Jan 4, 2016 ... If you're looking for a name that you can call your girlfriend or a special girl, you might want to consider some of our list of cute nicknames for girls. When using ... My Queen; 1.33 33. Treasure; 1.34 34. Lucky Charm; 1.35 35. Angel Eyes; 1.36 36. Kitten; 1.37 37. Button; 1.38 38. Magic; 1.39 39. Love; 1.40 40.


This powerful tool is commonly used in the romantic scene, either with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or anybody else you're romantically involved with, so it is in your best interest to add some .... We tend to add a (my) before saying lover to make it sound smoother and to sort of signify you are together exclusively.


Aug 31, 2012 ... Why would you refer to your girlfriend/wife as the medical examiner in NCIS? XD. 10. 64. Click to rate. Natalie, London, 5 years ago. My previous boyfriend used to call me "Sötnos", he's American, I'm half Danish and half Irish and he found a Scandinavian term of endearment he thought I would understand.


Jul 26, 2014 ... #23 My Heart. cute names to call your boyfriend. A sentimental and romantic pet name for anyone who is past the, “He's amazing in bed,” stage and moved onto the, “We've been together so long I don't think we could actually make it apart,” stage.


When it came time to give my babies their names, I chose ones that couldn't easily be shortened into nicknames. I blame both of these traits on ... It's one that I can see someone using for their girlfriend back in the sixth grade when all you do is hold hands when the teacher isn't looking at recess. Not something you should  ...


The best list of pet names and cute nicknames for your sweetheart - names people call their boyfriend, bf, girlfriend,, gf, lover, or spouse, wife, husband! Fantabulous ... Great Nicknames from A - Z. Adorable Amazing Angel Angel Eyes Angel Heart Apple of My Eye Babe Baby Baby Cakes Baby Doll Baby Face Bambi Beany


Snuggle Bear; Light of My Soul; Babelicious; Angel; Shining Star; Cuddle Cakes; Temptress; Tootsie; The Love of My Life; Twinkle; Baby; Button; Tulip; Sugar Buns; Daisy; Pretty Lady; Magic; Hot Lips; How to tell if a guy likes you; Love Bug; Sex Kitten; Miss Dreamy; Angel Baby; Baby Doodle; Goose; Sugar Bear; girlfriend ...


Apr 10, 2017 ... 3. Cute nicknames for girlfriend in foreign languages: Moya golubushka: This is Russian for my little dove. Doves are considered pure so this nickname shows the image you have of your girlfriend. Eyes of a gazelle: This is translated from Arabic (ywn ghzal). Referring to her as your eyes of a gazelle is a big ...


this is what my best guy friend calls be because i am litttle, like a monster-under- the-bed, and belleza means beautiful in spanish! so he came up with Monstra Belleza :) I Love It. Login to post comments. Coley-Kins. Tagged: Girlfriend Nicknames. my girlfriends name is nicole and her baby sister calls her coley and i thought ...