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The cuisine of New Jersey is derived from the long history of immigrants to the state and its ... Campbell's is currently headquartered in Camden. Goya Foods, the ... are common. Several of these regional dishes have achieved popularity statewide. .... Jump up ^ "In Trenton, it's called "tomato pie," not pizza. Although the ...


A first south indian cuisine in camden country New Jersey ... Our lightly spiced soups are popular not only for their delicious flavor,but also for their health benefits. ... give them an authentic taste of some of indias most popular regional dishes.


Find out where to get the best food in New Jersey. Food Network has you covered with sliders, pork roll sandwiches, pizzas, oysters, tomato pies and more.


Mar 20, 2013 ... Food desert Camden, N.J., will get a supermarket ... If you were visiting me, and you were unfamiliar with the region, you would never guess that ... It's not easily accessed by many of the city's residents who don't have a car.


Jan 22, 2014 ... Jersey's Not Just a Hotbed for Political Scandals — 10 Culinary Treasures ... tomatoes are probably New Jersey's most famous home-grown food. ... But luckily, the Campbell's Soup Company set up shop in Camden, and now ...


Jan 27, 2017 ... Camden is often times a sore subject, but it's a city in development that's worthy of attention for its food. For the full picture, direct your attention ...


Welcome to the Philadelphia Section of the Institute of Food Technologists ... IFT is one of 53 regional sections of the IFT organization, a non-profit scientific society ... covers a widespread area including; parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Results 1 - 50 of 123 ... Restaurant locations near Camden, Nj seen on Food and Travel ... bar food joint cranking out clam chowder with gnocchi and a regional fry ...


Non-indigenous vegetables, such as asparagus, snow peas, and corn, are also ... Noodles are also featured in this region's cuisine, with Khao sawy, flat egg ...