Norman L. "Norm" Abram (born October 3, 1949) is an American carpenter known for his work ... portrayed by Richard Karn. Abram was previously married to Laura Cone (divorced in 1996), with whom he has a daughter, Lindsey.


Sep 8, 2006 ... Why I Hate Norm Abrams ... I don't actually hate Norm, I sort of like the guy. ... because the couple is getting a divorce or went into bankruptcy.


Jan 15, 2018 ... Norm Abram is an American carpenter known for his work on the PBS ... He was previously married to Laura Cone who he divorced in 1996.


Jun 20, 2013 ... Norm Abram, 62, is a master carpenter who has appeared regularly on TV's "This Old House" since 1979 and for 21 seasons was host of PBS's ...


Norm Abram's New House/America's Favorite Carpenter and His Wife, Laura, Build Their Dream Home [Norm Abram, John Murphy, Richard Howard] on ...


Sep 12, 2012 ... Can America's most recognizable woodworking personality actually retire? By Jefferson Kolle Pages 54-62 Norm Abram first stepped in front of ...


Oct 5, 2003 ... He spent much of the past summer at "This Old House boot camp" with master carpenter Norm Abram, general contractor Tom Silva, heating ...


May 24, 2017 ... by Carrie Frye | Photography by Carl Tremlay & Sarah Violette. Thirty-eight years later, viewers are still tuning in to PBS and “This Old House,” ...


Feminists have said much about women's experiences at divorce., ...... " reconstructive feminism" that seeks to eliminate the ideal-worker norm in .... See generally Bryan, supra note 3; see also Kathryn Abrams, Choice, Dependence, and.