North Rim is a populated place in Coconino County, Arizona, United States. It is located adjacent to the Grand Canyon within Grand Canyon National Park.


A worthwhile trip for those who enjoy the road less traveled, the North Rim, or " other side" of Grand Canyon is visited by only 10% of all Grand Canyon visitors.


Approximate Driving Distances and Directions to NORTH RIM, Grand Canyon from: From South ... From Jacob Lake, take Highway 67 south to the North Rim.


Grand Canyon North Rim is visited seasonally. More remote than the South Rim, it offers views that can't be beat. Open May 15 - October 15 Annually.


Word of mouth has that the more remote, harder to get to and therefore less crowded North Rim offers a more authentic Canyon experience and better views.


The jewel of the North Rim, perched on the precipice of the Kaibab Plateau, is the dignified Grand Canyon Lodge - a charming mix of motel and cabin ...


The North Rim offers a serene and enthralling Grand Canyon experience. It is more remote and less developed than the South Rim, and so it attracts far fewer ...


Grand Canyon lodging, dining and vacations at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge.


Jun 29, 2017 ... Did you know that only 10% of Grand Canyon visitors see the North Rim? When I was about 14 years old, my dad loaded our family of six, four ...