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Churchill is located directly beneath the Auroral Oval making it one of the best places on Earth to witness Mother Nature's light show. Our Northern Lights and ...

Oct 27, 2014 ... The aurora borealis – otherwise known as the northern lights – is a vivid demonstration of the Earth's magnetic field interacting with charged ...

Oct 12, 2016 ... A scientist in Finland is searching for the source of the faint and mysterious sounds sometimes heard during displays of the northern lights.

Northern Lights - one of nature's most spectacular wonders! Read about the Northern Lights & the best places to see the Northern Lights, cruises & tours.

Sep 24, 2018 ... As light-hunting season begins, the Royal Astronomical Society's Ian Ridpath explains everything you need to know about the Northern Lights.

Jun 11, 2018 ... The northern lights are a magical display of light seen above the magnetic poles.

Apr 24, 2018 ... Our Sun provides the light and heat that energizes our plants, our solar panels and our weather, among other things. But its influence stretches ...

View the Aurora Borealis, and experience a small-group immersion into wildlife and culture of the subarctic on a Northern Lights tour. Northern Lights: The Science, Myth, and Wonder of Aurora Borealis (9781570612909): Calvin Hall, Daryl Pederson: Books.