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Location of Northern Ireland (dark green). – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the United Kingdom (green). Status, Country (constituent unit). Capital and largest city, Belfast · 54°36′N 5°55′W / 54.600°N 5.917°W / 54.600; -5.917 · Languages · English. Regional languages. Irish · Ulster-Scots · Ethnic groups ( 2011).

Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, and the second largest on the island of Ireland. On the River Lagan, it had a population of 333,871 in 2015. By the early 1800s the former town was home to a major port. Belfast played a key role in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, becoming the biggest ...

Nov 10, 2015 ... The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The largest city in Northern Ireland Belfast has a population of 270000 with 600000 in the inner city.

Which is the capital of Northern Ireland?

Hey, (Sorry if this seems like a STUPID question) I always thought Belfast was the capital of N.I., but two of my friends were giving me some st...

This stayed until 1922, after a civil war, when Ireland was divided into the Republic of Ireland, the sovereign state that takes up the southern part of the island, and Northern Ireland, which chose to stay as part of the UK. About 1.8 million people live in Northern Ireland, and the capital and largest city is Belfast. Sometimes ...

Aug 15, 2017 ... Where is Northern Ireland? Northern Ireland is part of the countries forming the United Kingdom. Its population accounts for 3% of the total United Kingdom's population. The country was established when the then Irish republic was partitioned into two different countries through an act of parliament.

What is the capital and major population centre of Northern Ireland?

Oct 31, 2017 ... Belfast: Belfast, city, district, and capital of Northern Ireland, on the River Lagan, at its entrance to Belfast Lough (inlet of the sea). ... The city is the shopping, retail, educational, commercial, entertainment, and service centre for Northern Ireland and the seat of many of its largest businesses and hospitals.

This is a list of settlements in Northern Ireland by population. The fifty largest settlements are listed. This list has been compiled from data published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), based on the 2001 census. Settlements with city status are shown in bold.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, although London is thenational capital of the United Kingdom, of which NI is part. The capital is Belfast. Belfast Belfast Belfast.… I am Flukey. 881,084 Contributions. I am an idealistic realist. I'd love an ideal world, but I am realistic to know it can't happen.

Northern Ireland Capital