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You can certainly freeze milk successfully if you plan to use it for cooking purposes. ... drinking the milk, it s a good idea to do a trial run first - freeze a small amount ... skim and low-fat milk usually fare better throughout the freezing process than ...


Freezing milk is an incredibly easy way to extend its shelf life. ... Thawed milk is perfectly safe to drink and is just as nutritious as fresh milk, so there's virtually no  ...


Jan 25, 2013 ... Is it safe to freeze milk? ... The answer is yes, you can safely freeze milk… but, the resulting thawed milk is not quite ... Does Skim Milk Freeze?


Feb 26, 2013 ... Allow for expansion: Freeze milk in moisture- and vapor-resistant containers with 1 to 1 1/2 inches of space at the top to prevent ... Related: Good Tip: Freezing Leftover Buttermilk ... Skim and 1% milk freeze well in gallon jugs.


Mar 23, 2015 ... Fat requires a far lower temperature than your -18 degrees freezer to freeze. Whole milk therefore doesn't freeze as well as semi-skimmed, ...


Sep 20, 2003 ... Obviously I know that it is physically possible to freeze milk but what I'm wondering is can ... If you mean will it be safe to drink after thawing and will it taste alright, yes. .... We buy six gallons of skim at a time and freeze them.


For this reason you should never freeze milk in a glass bottle because it will crack . And don't use the milk if the packaging it has been frozen in has split or ...


Jan 3, 2012 ... Any tips on freezing milk in a paper carton? ... Replace a fourth or a half of the milk called for in your pancake, waffle, or baked good recipe with water. ... I buy Skim or 1%.. can hardly find Organic milk under $5 a gallon…but I ...


Freezing Milk Old Style MoneySaving. ... Ok, im a bloke, dont go in the kitchen much.. But i drink a lot of ..... I freeze 4 pintas of semi-skimmed.