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In Mac OS X Panther, brushed metal was brought to the Finder. New buttons were made to appear sunken into their surroundings, following a general trend of more flattened interface elements in the operating system. The traditional pinstripes were replaced with a much subtler theme, most notably in the menu bar, and the ...


I have changed my WB for the first time in a long while,,Wonderful work here Xero -,,been lookin' for the icons every since.Got the Log-on.Can't wait to reboot.Great detail on everything.Thanks for working it up for us.I have a feeling I.m gonna be stuck on this one real bad,,,Looking forward to Beta2.Durn,It is a brilliant skin!!


Dec 15, 2010 ... A 128x128 PNG Pack Of OFFICIAL Mac OS X Panther Icons. [Comes With *73* ICONS] Copyright © 2010 xXmatt69Xx1™ All rights reserved. Mac OS X Panther Icons.


Jun 21, 2004 ... EDIT: I found this and re-uploaded it. Don't know if it will help since it is close to 5 years old, but here it is. Thanks for all of the interest in this theme! You all ROCK! This is/was an attempt at a better Panther Brushed skin than the ones that are available. Feel free to edit, and perfect it, and redistibute it.


Oct 2, 2008 ... Version 0.1. Mac OS X Leopard Skin for Rocketdock - Transparent, takes the color of your background while keeping the original Apple wave design and dock effects. Icons, wallpaper and status bar not included. Get the wallpaper here, http ://macgeniusz.deviantart.com/art/Mac-Leoprad-Space-76130191


Mac OS X Panther v10.3 gives you the ability of design an elegant simple computing solution that handles all your personal computing needs. It offers a complete suite of tools and applications for wired, wireless, and developer needs. iChat AV gives users personal video conferencing abilities, for face-to-face discussions ...


Jan 30, 2012 ... Mac OS X Leopard for Windows is theme for Windows that makes your desktop look like the one one MAC OS X. The pack contains: Pantherg.theme. Panther. theme. Panther.msstyles. Rocket Dock.exe. Rocket Dock Icons Based On The Mac Default Icons. Kampongboys Leopard Mods On XP. Wallpaper.


Aqua was the lickable new visual theme for the system, with blue scrollbars, squishy buttons and a new gadget called The Dock. ... Mac OS X 10.3Panther” ( 2003). 10 3 9 Panther. Panther was perhaps the first OS X release which truly began to feel faster than Mac OS 9. The OS was very snappy and useable, and most ...


Screenshots. AquaSkin.Net is supplied with 5 professionally designed skins that replicate the look and feel of the Mac OS-X Tiger, Panther, Leopard, iTunes and Brushed styles. There is also a choice of 3 ToolStrip rendering styles. Please click on a image below to see a full skin preview.