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OCEAN EXPEDITION. Owner Name: OCEAN EXPEDITION LLC. Owner Address: 501 W. BROADWAY ST. STE 1540, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101, USA. Master Name: BALISTRERI, JOSEPH;MAUGHAN, BEN;VIRISSIMO, ANTHONY;BALISTRERI, FRANK. Master Nationality: United States of America. Reg Port: Pago Pago.


Deep Ocean Expeditions LLC owns and charters manned deep diving submersibles. The company offers adventure submersible diving programs and expedition services for science and films. It educates lay people about the world's deep oceans, helps support scientific research, and offers remote location support logistics ...


Michael McDowell, Mike founded Deep Ocean Expeditions LLC in 1998. Mr. McDowell is a leading innovator in expedition cruising and eco-tourism ventures. In addition to his earlier projects with DOE, he is involved in the development of an array of different projects with a variety of other ventures.


We are an Expedition Sailboat Company. We sail in the World's Southern Ocean and Explore some of the last wild places. We take keen travelers, Adventureres, Scientists, and Mountaineers where they want to go. Explore Antarctica, the Beagle Channel, Isla de los Estados, the Falklands, the Darwin Range and Fjords, ...


Antarctica Expeditions. anta. Antarctica's wilderness is encircled by restless oceans, protected by ice and home to a magnificent array of wildlife. During it's short. read more. European Arctic Expeditions. arcticc. High in the Atlantic Ocean, where warm Gulf Stream waters sweep up towards the frigid Arctic, are lands that have.


OceanGate Inc. is a privately held company that provides manned submersible assets and expertise for commercial, research and military applications.


Adventure Sailing & Science Expeditions. We sail for adventure and science throughout the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Northwest Passage, Patagonia, Arctic, Mediterranean, Asia, Alaska, Antarctica, and many other places - Don't lose your bunk! Book Now!


Nauticos explorers during the 2017 Eustace Earhart Discovery Expedition enjoyed a rare opportunity to have a few minutes' radio contact with members of the International Space Station via amateur (Ham) radio. (Incidentally, the astronauts on ISS were the closest humans to the explorers on the research vessel Mermaid ...


... Ocean Rowing crafts custom, state-of-the-art ocean rowing vessels designed by America's Cup structural engineers. We use the latest techniques and materials in carbon composites to ensure that each of our vessels is of the highest quality. Your Spindrift boat will be built to your specifications to support your expedition ...