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Mar 29, 2018 ... Jose A. Camacho was wanted for assault after he drove away from a traffic stop while the officer was trapped inside the driver's side of the vehicle.


Mar 29, 2018 ... Jose "Chico" Camacho, 33 (Source: Brooklyn Police Department). BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) -. Cleveland police officers have arrested a 33-year-old man who fled during a traffic stop Thursday, dragging a Brooklyn police officer while doing so.


Mar 29, 2018 ... BROOKLYN, Ohio -- Brooklyn police say a man wanted for felony assault on a police officer is now in custody. They say Jose A. Camacho fled a traffic stop Thursday at around 12:15 p.m., causing the officer to be trapped in the driver's compartment, and dragged along the roadway.


Jan 12, 2016 ... While on patrol in 1997, Hartford Police Officer Julio Camacho handcuffed a woman, drove her in his cruiser to a construction site and raped her over the trunk of the car, Camacho admitted in court Monday.


Mar 30, 2018 ... BROOKLYN, Ohio -- The man accused of assaulting a Brooklyn police officer during a traffic stop appeared in court Friday morning. Jose Camacho, 33, was pulled over on Ridge Road near Hammond Avenue Thursday.


Apr 1, 2018 ... Two Las Vegas Metro police officers in connection with a fatal officer-involved shooting have been identified by the department. Officer Rafael Camacho, 28, has been employed with the LVMPD since March 2014 & officer Kenshin Rose, 28, has been employed with the LVMPD since July 2017, a release ...


Mar 29, 2018 ... BROOKLYN, Ohio - Cleveland police have arrested a man who was wanted for dragging an officer. Jose Camacho, 33, fled a traffic stop, trapping the officer in the driver's area and dragging him along the road, according to police. Camacho, who also goes by the name "Chico," is accused of felony assault.


Mar 30, 2018 ... The frightening incident was all caught by the Cleveland-area officer's dashcam and bodycam, which show him approaching a gold Honda on a residential street Thursday. After a brief interaction, the officer attempts to place suspect Jose Camacho under arrest for an outstanding warrant. In the video, the ...


Feb 9, 2016 ... The Camden County Prosecutor's Office has determined the use of deadly force was legally justified in a shooting that involved Camden County Police Department officers and a suicidal man wielding a realistic-looking air pistol. An independent investigation revealed 33-year-old Oscar Camacho, Jr.