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This is a list of Roman army unit types. Actarius – A military or camp clerk. Adiutor – A camp or ... or other medical reasons. Centurion – Officer rank, generally one per 80 soldiers, in charge of a centuria. Clinicus – A medic. Cornicen – Bugler.


A Roman legion was a large unit of the Roman army. In the early Roman Kingdom the "legion" may have meant the entire Roman ...


A centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. Most centurions commanded groups of centuries of around 80  ...


Officer Sean Roman is a patrol officer for the CPD. He is the new partner of Kim Burgess Roman and Burgess first meet and tension is high from the start.


May 25, 2016 ... 'Chicago P.D.' Star on Burgess' "Test of Faith," Roman Romance ... backdoor Justice spinoff when we knew it was going to be an officer shot.


Feb 9, 2016 ... The Roman Empire saw one of the first truly professional armies in history, and became the inspiration for European armies that followed it.


May 25, 2016 ... ... the producers and cast of NBC's Chicago P.D. managed to keep the final fate of officer Sean Roman a secret right up until tonight's season 3 ...


Jul 13, 2017 ... COLONIE — One year after Colonie police officer Israel Roman killed his wife, 10 -year-old son and himself with his .45-caliber service revolver ...


Centurion: Centurion,, the principal professional officer in the armies of ancient Rome and its empire. The centurion was the commander of a centuria, which was  ...