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Buckner RL(1), Koutstaal W, Schacter DL, Dale AM, Rotte M, Rosen BR. Author information: (1)Department of Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130, USA. In a companion paper (R. L. Buckner et al., 1998, NeuroImage 7, 151-162) we used fMRI to identify brain areas activated by episodic memory ...


Jul 27, 2011 ... Wiestler et al. (2011) recently used high-resolution fMRI data acquisition to localize the representation of the fingers to lobules V and VIII. Relevant to the .... 2001; see Yeo et al. 2011 for relevant discussion). Although both Habas et al. ( 2009) and Krienen and Buckner (2009) noted that a cerebellar region ...


Jul 5, 2017 ... Comparison to the structure of a viomycin-stalled E. coli 70S ribosome, which represents a fully rotated ribosomal state (Brilot et al., 2013), implies a ... to participate in the stimulation of GTP hydrolysis within the ternary complex of elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu) and tRNA (Ogle et al., 2003; Voorhees et al., ...


Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant James Beauford Lamb, Jr. appealed the Court of Criminal Appeals' affirmance of his 2004 conviction for first-degree sexual abuse. The issue on appeal was whether the trial court erred in entering a judgment bas... Employers Mutual Casualty Company v. Holman Building Co., LLC et al.


PDF Version - Appleton & Ratliff Coal Corp., et al. v. Dewey. Appleton & Ratliff ... Director, OWCP et al. brief in support of motion. 05/09/2015. PDF Version - Ari Navalo v. Cochise Consultancy, Inc. and Ace American Insurance. Ari Navalo v. Cochise Consultancy, Inc. .... Branch Recources, Inc. v. Ogle and Director, OWCP .


Dec 5, 2012 ... pasture and hay forage production (Ogle, et al., 2011a). It is highly palatable ... long, v-shaped near the base tapering to a narrow tip with a prominent ..... Buckner, R. 1966. Registration of Boone Orchardgrass. Crop Sci. 6:304. Cleveland, R. 1963. Registration of Pennlate. Orchardgrass. Crop Sci. 3(4):366.


concerning business dealings of William Ogle in Virginia and Maryland. Ogle, later a business partner of Charles G. Ellis and Garah Davis in Cape Girardeau, attained notoriety in. Missouri by ..... Andrew Ramsey et al. ... Aug 1824-12 Sep 1825 Court proceedings in the case of Charles G. Ellis, Assignee of James Evans , vs.