Jun 13, 2011 ... Calculates mixtures for two-cycle engines that require oil and gas in the ... This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable ...


Marine Gas Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator. This calculates mixtures for two-cycle marine application engines that require oil and gas in the same tank.


Easily calculate the appropriate premix for a 2 stroke engine with this gas oil mix ratio calculator. Calculate fuel mixtures 50:1, 40:1 and more.


Two-cycle engines run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Each engine type is designed to run on a specific gas-to-oil mix ratio. To confirm the correct ratio for your ...

Jul 13, 2015 ... It's easy to calculate 50:1 fuel to oil ratio in your head. You don't need a calculator , it's that easy. It will perform at it's best if the 2 stroke oil rat...


Gas Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator. Enter the volume of Gas (petrol): U.S. Gallons | U.K. Gallons | Metric Liters. Enter the desired Ratio: :1. Result: Did you find us ...


To figure the ratio of gas to oil for your model of chainsaw, you must first convert gallons of gas to ounces to have like measurements for your calculations.


For outboards that require a 50:1 premix of oil/gas, we've put together a chart to simplify the calculations.


Older bikes had a much higher oil to gasoline ratio than the more recent bikes. Most Vespas made after 1980 and the Lambretta 75SL ' Cometa' have automatic  ...