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Operating Engineers Trust Fund Office. Address, 1600 Harbor Bay Pkwy #200. Alameda, CA 94502. Toll Free, 800-251-5014. Phone, 510-433-4422. Hours, Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. Fringe Benefits Office. Address, 1620 South Loop Road Alameda, CA 94502. Toll Free, 800-532-2105. Phone, 510-748- ...


Medical. The plans described below are for California Active members only. The plans for active participants in the Hawaii, Nevada and Utah OE3 Health and Welfare Trust Funds are not covered on this website. Please visit the Contact Us link for information on contacting the Fringe Benefits Service Center or the Trust Fund ...


Memorial Care Health Back a Part of the Anthem Blue Cross Network · Retiree Health & Welfare Open Enrollment · New Behavioral Health and Member Assistance Plan · Live Health On-Line · Anthem ~ Estimate Your Cost · Health & Welfare Plan · Member Notifications · Summary of Benefits · Summary of Eligibility Rules ...


In 1954, I.U.O.E. Local 12 won an important benefit for its members – the Health & Welfare Fund. For 60 years, the Board of Trustees of the Fund have worked hard to provide a comprehensive package of health, dental, prescription drug and vision care benefits to members and retirees of Local 12 and their dependents.


Welcome to the healthcare provider portal! This portal is exclusively for healthcare providers to check the status of eligibility for benefits for our members/ your patients. In order to check the eligibility status for one or more of our members, you will need to first create an account. In setting-up your account you will need:.


Claim Submittals. Medical & Hospital (California Providers) Prudent Buyer Plan P.O. Box 60007 Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007 NEIC Payer ID – 47198 Medical & Hospital (other than California Providers) Submit to your local BlueCross BlueShield Plan Dental Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Fund (Local 12) P.O. Box ...


You worked at least 500 hours within the 24 months prior to the effective date of your pension or Social Security Disability Award,; You have not elected to receive and you are not eligible for weekly disability benefits (Nevada only) under the Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Fund,; You do not have a Break in ...


www.ironworkerbenny.com/pension.html. Laborers. Laborers Pension Trust Fund for Northern California. 001. 6/1-5/31. 946277608 www.norcalaborers.org/ Employers/Employers.htm. Operating Engineers. Pension Trust Fund for. Operating Engineers. 001. 1/1-12/31. 946090764 www.oe3trustfunds.org/ pension-benefits/.