The Oregon State Senate is the upper house of the statewide legislature for the US state of Oregon. Along with the lower chamber Oregon House of ...


Oregon's Senate Chamber features paneling and furniture of matched black walnut. Alternating designs of wheat and salmon, symbolizing Oregon's agricultural ...


Listed below are all current Oregon State Senators. Also listed are their Capitol phone numbers, and email, office and website addresses.


The Oregon State Senate is the upper chamber of the Oregon State Legislature. Alongside the Oregon House of Representatives, it forms the legislative branch ...


Democrats maintained a supermajority in the 2018 elections for the Oregon State Senate. After the election, Democrats controlled 18 seats to Republicans' 12.


Members of the Oregon State Senate serve four-year terms and are not subject to term limits. Oregon legislators assume office the second Monday in January.


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2019-03-13 17:16:00.0 Merkley, Collins, Baldwin, Booker Lead Senate Introduction of Landmark, Bipartisan LGBTQ Rights Bill. 2019-02-27 16:13:00.0 Merkley ...


The official website of the Oregon Secretary of State.