Holy Moses definition is - —used as an exclamation of surprise or amazement.


"Holy cow" is a milder expression with the same meaning, but because it does not contain a vulgarity, it is appropriate to use in situations where ...


Definition of moly - a southern European plant related to the onions, with small yellow ... Origin. Mid 16th century (in moly (sense 2)): via Latin from Greek mōlu.


The origin of the exclamation “Holy Toledo! ... Others say that “Holy Toledo” was a sarcastic expression resulting from the high proportion of bars to ... Holy Moly!


May 7, 2009 ... I guess: "porca miseria!" just want to be sure. by the way, what is the correct spelling? moley vs moly Does moley/moly have any meaning at ...


Oct 18, 2017 ... This is Paul SG's Holy Moly, taken from the second volume of Point of Origin - showcasing the best new drum & bass talent in the world.


Buy Holy Moly Deli & Snacks online from Ocado. ... Once open, consume immediately, as we don't use preservatives. Use by: see back of pack. Origin: Made in ...


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I'm looking for about 20 phrases such as, and including, "Holy Cow", "My God", and "My Goodness". In particular, I'm ... In India, they do have Holy Cows so, presumably, the expression originated there. ... "Holy moly!" "Holy ...