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Orvieto Cathedral is a large 14th-century Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and situated in the town of Orvieto in Umbria, central Italy. Formerly the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Todi, it has been since 1986 that of the Diocese of Orvieto-Todi. The building was constructed under the  ...


History, information and pictures of the Duomo of Orvieto. A magnificient italian cathedral with great Signorelli frescoes.


Orvieto Cathedral: …decoration of the facade of Orvieto Cathedral.


Pope Urban IV had the cloth carried to Orvieto and, to commemorate the miracle, he established the sacred holiday of Corpus Domini. Raphael covered one wall of his famed Rooms at the Vatican with a highly stylized representation of this fundamental event in church history. At the time, the cathedral of Orvieto was an old ...


Jul 20, 2012 ... One of the highest achievements of Italian Gothic art and architecture is Orvieto Cathedral. Few buildings in the world are that ornate, and at the same time - few have such a well balanced and harmonious architecture.


The front facade. Like many medieval churches, this cathedral was sited where earlier churches had been located. On November 13, 1290 Pope Nicholas IV laid the corner stone--where the fourth pillar of the facade is (the one sculpted with scenes from Hell). Work continued over three centuries. The original project was  ...


Orvieto's Duomo is so famous worldwide that a large number of people come to the "City of the Cliff" attracted only by its great iconic monument. We like to think that once in Orvieto, you will be interested in learning about many other of its treasures. However, Orvieto's Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption (to the ...


A description of the Cathedral of Orvieto in Umbria, north of Rome.


The Dome of Orvieto is one of the most beautiful Italian cathedral, a masterpiece of the gothic architecture of the center of Italy. The magnificent building dominates the bluff up which Orvieto is located thanks to its size. The Dome has been built for three centuries by the work of dozens of experts and artists. In particular, the ...