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13, William V. Skall. 13, William Rose .... 8, Theoni V. Aldredge. 8, Kenny Ascher ... 7, Al Clark. 7, Królowie i .... 6, Graham V. Hartstone. 6, Graham ...... 4, John Foreman ..... 3, Les garçons et Guillaume, à table! 3, Danièle ...... 1, Rafaela Ottiano.


Mar 27, 2003 ... Foreman J(1), Demidchik V, Bothwell JH, Mylona P, Miedema H, Torres MA, Linstead P, Costa S, Brownlee C, Jones JD, Davies JM, Dolan L.


Nov 7, 2017 ... reviewed and revised the manuscript; All authors have read and approved the final .... Li CM et al. Apatinib ... mo vs 5.91 mo, P = 0.038) and the objective response rates (ORR) ..... M, Parkin DM, Forman D, Bray F. Cancer incidence and mortality .... 26 Ottaiano A, Capozzi M, De Divitiis C, De Stefano A, Botti.


the caspase-3 pathway are all known observed effects of .... Annexin V-FLUOS kit (Roche, Indianapolis, IN) as previ- ...... Ottaiano A, Mollo E, Di Lorenzo G, et al. ... Kahlon KS, Brown C, Cooper LJ, Raubitschek A, Forman SJ, Jensen. MC.


May 18, 2017 ... In PDAC, SDF-1α (Li et al, 2012) and Nodal/Activin (Lonardo et al, ..... Pignata S, Losito NS, Ottaiano A, Greggi S, De Simone V, Cecere S, ...


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... and overall mortality because of melanoma escalate yearly (Thompson et al., .... endothelial cells transdifferentiate into cancer cells (Nickoloff and Foreman, 2002). ..... modest (3/5 versus 1/5 tumor xenografts, respectively) (Fang et al., 2005). ...... [PubMed]; Scala S, Ottaiano A, Ascierto PA, Cavalli M, Simeone E, Giuliano ...


Dec 12, 2016 ... For analysis of apoptosis, cells were harvested, stained with propidium iodide and fluorescein isothiocyanate annexin V using the fluorescein ...


Sep 28, 2001 ... (E) CD4 or CD8 (log x‐axes) versus BrdU (log y‐axes), and numbers of CD4 and CD8 T cells incorporating BrdU are shown in (F) and (G).