The name Robert is an ancient Germanic given name, from Proto-Germanic * Hrōþi- "fame" and ... Pronunciation, /ˈrɒbərt/ .... Robert Kocharyan, Armenian politician who served as the second president of Armenia between 1998 and 2008, one ...


Pronunciation[edit]. IPA: /ˈrobert/, [ˈro̞be̞rt̪]


How to say or pronounce Robert in different languages and countries. Pronunciation guide for the name of people and places. Find, submit and requests ...


The list began in 2000 with some of the phonetics resources compiled by ..... Phonetic (Narrow) Transcription of Australian English, by Robert Mannell and ...


Robert Grosseteste (ca. ... Grosseteste's contribution to phonetics is De Generatione Sonorum, a treatise on acoustics and phonetics (Baur ... the Testimony of the President and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Gill came to the college in.


articulated. Robert Willis (1800-1875), was a Cambridge professor of mechanics .... Henry Sweet (1845-1912) was the founder of the British School of Phonetics.


Phonetic Recordings is one of Ibiza and the world's favourite House Music labels. Formed by CEO Rob Roar in 2001, Phonetic stamped their name firmly in ...


Dec 24, 2008 ... Journal of the International Phonetic Association ... Robert Eklund (a1). (a1) .... The Spoken Language Corpus at the Department of Linguistics, ...... Discover [ magazine] – The Brain: An owner's manual Spring 2007, 58–61.


An Updated Tactile Representation of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Print Edition. Overview, Tables, and ... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BY ROBERT ENGLEBRETSON. .... Schroeder, PhD. President, International Council on English Braille.