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Plaintiff, Joseph Murphy, was first employed by defendant, American Home Products Corp., in 1957. He thereafter served in various accounting positions, eventually attaining the office of assistant treasurer, but he never had a formal contract of employment. On April 18, 1980, when he was 59 years old, he was discharged.


Nov 30, 1989 ... AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS CORPORATION, ET AL, Respondents. The Supreme .... Young v. Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 112 Wn.2d 216 , 770 P.2d 182 ( 1989). So here, only a pharmacist who knew the practice and standard of care in this state could establish the standard of care for the defendants.


Mar 6, 2014 ... Martin, has held firm for over one hundred years.12. The modern version of the at -will doctrine was detailed in a 1983. Court of Appeals case, Murphy v. American Home Products Corp. In that case, the plaintiff, Joseph Murphy, had worked for defendant company, American Home Products, for over twenty.