Nov 19, 2017 ... increase in Mercer County and a 4.5% increase in New Jersey. ...... subdivided along lease lines with appropriate cross access and parking easements. Note 2. ...... The 61-acre Redevelopment Area consists of the five parcels in Block 85: ... Adequate provision for the temporary and permanent relocation, ...


For the current Township Ordinance, see Quick Links below. Other useful maps are included here: Hopewell Township Zoning Map (PDF) · Tax Map Set (PDF) ...


Find out how to apply for property tax benefits of various kinds. ... Claim form V.S.S. must be filed with your municipal tax assessor or collector. ... You must be the owner and a permanent resident in the dwelling and a legal resident of New Jersey. ... the minimum income must be 50 cents per acre for any acreage over five.


WCAS supports extending the open space easement to the 75 acres ... and H in the Open Space Easement agreement between BMS and Hopewell Township. ... Brook Millstone Watersheds, Mercer Meadows, Rosedale Lake, Curlis Lake, and ... reported at the Watersheds and BMS in non-breeding and breeding seasons.


Hopewell Township is located in the northeastern portion of Mercer County and ... Township of Hopewell is considered a non-urban municipality. ... building or portion of a building, permanent or temporary, used or proposed to be used ... calculations methodology developed by the New Jersey Geological Service ( NJGS).