US District Court for the Western District of Michigan - 441 F. Supp. ... John DOE, Jane Doe, Thomas M. Grost, and Cora W. Grost, Individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, ... *1248 Hubbell, Blakeslee, McCormick & Houlihan, Traverse City, Mich., ... Peter A. Cohl and Larry A. Salstrom, Ingham County Corp.

Preston M. GEREN, Jr., Individually, and for all owners of the subordinated ... of Quantum Chemical Corporation, similarly situated as of December 27, 1988, Plaintiff, v. ... Mildred Splewak Dresselhaus, S.C. Lea, Peter C. Scotese, W. Bruce Thomas, ... sues individually and on behalf of all owners of a variety of subordinated ...'s%20Sur-Reply%20%20In%20Support%20of%20It%20Objections%20to%20the%20Special%20Master's%20Report%20and%20Recommendations%20with%20Exhibits-1.pdf

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Code of civil procedure, as a statute complete in all its parts, should be so construed as to make all of its parts harmonize with each other and render ..... Peters v. Langrehr, 188 Neb. 480, 197 N.W.2d 698 (1972). Statutory period for the ...... be maintained by one taxpayer on behalf of himself and others similarly situated to ...

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Shriharsh P. Tendulkar, on behalf of the ... John Blakeslee and Peter Michaud. 49 On the .... countless impact craters that pockmark the face of our Moon and the other airless, rocky .... obtained 442 individual exposures all in the ... tory of ' Oumuamua, one finds that it likewise ... servatory and located at Gemini South in Chile.

Oct 16, 2017 ... Managing Editor: Peter Michaud ... I am delighted to address the Gemini community from my new role as the ... the Observatory Oversight Council on behalf of the Association .... sumed that individual components of wide .... ~A6–F6 spectral types, located in the ... tending the sample to other similar systems.