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Dec 5, 2001 ... torney General, State of Minnesota, for sharing their briefs in State v. ..... Poole & Michael E. Lamb, INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEWS OF ... See Sena Garven et al., More Than Suggestion: The Effect of Interviewing Techniques From the ..... timony]. 69. Ceci & Friedman, supra note 36, at 55. 70. When the ...


on the kinds of conclusions that can be drawn from the Poole et al. data, but it also ... which we disagree, then briefly comment on limitations of the Poole et al.


Alice Pender and Michael Poole (Su- pervisor .... Al- ice Pender was Respondent's president, secretary, treasurer, and owner. 2) The City of ... et seq. and the administrative rules adopted .... timony on this point in determining whether ...... Roberts v. Miller, 50 Or App 423, 623 P2d 1081. (1981), the Court of Appeals consid-.


Chrome azurol S (CAS) was obtained from BDH Chemicals, Ltd., Poole, England. Sigma Chemical Co. ... Total genomic DNA was prepared as described by Meade et al. (35). ..... De Lorenzo V.,; Neilands J. B. ..... Yeoman K. H.,; Wisniewski-Dye F.,; Timoney C.,; Stevans J. B.,; deLuca N. G.,; Downie J. A.,; Johnston A. W. B..


The mouse VH gene specific for NIP was subcloned as a HindIII-BamHI fragment ... Horse serum IgG (Sigma–Aldrich, Poole, UK) and recombinant human IgG1 ( Pleass et al., ... Recombinant human IgG1 and IgA1 (Pleass et al., 1999) were used as ..... Galan J.E., Timoney J.F. Mucosal nasopharyngeal immune responses of ...


Csermely et al. first reported this binding site in 1998 [44], and in 2000 Neckers .... ability to specifically bind and antagonize Hsp90, a chaperone for v-Src [98, 99 ]. ..... Le Brazidec J, Kamal A, Busch D, Thao L, Zhang L, Timony G, Grecko R, ... 81. de Duve C, de Barsy T, Poole B, Trouet A, Tulkens P, Van Hoof F. Biochem.


The operon encoding this novel ABC transporter with multiple specificity for metal cations is designated mtsABC, for metal transporter of Streptococcus.


Kay H. Yeoman,1 Florence Wisniewski-Dye,2 Christopher Timony,1 .... defective for vicibactin and iron uptake (Stevens et al.,. 1999). ...... Braun, V., Hantke, K. & Koster, W. (1998). ... Poole, R. K., Johnston, A. W. B. & Downie, J. A. (1995).


the poultry industry (Timoney et al., 1989; Barrow,. 1991; Gast, 1994 .... Sigma, Poole, UK) with proteinase K (Sigma) at a final concentration ... run at 5.1 V/cm.