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A series limited liability company, commonly known as a series LLC and sometimes abbreviated as SLLC, is a form of a limited liability company that provides liability protection across multiple "series" each of which is theoretically protected from liabilities arising from the other series. In overall structure, the series LLC has ...


Cascade Investment, L.L.C. is an American holding and investment company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, United States. It is controlled by Bill Gates, and managed by Michael Larson. More than half of Gates' fortune is held in assets outside his holding of Microsoft shares. Cascade is the successor company to ...


Washington Limited Liability Companies (LLC). The following links will take you to the available Washington online filing or paper form. Foreign LLC (non- Washington) forms are linked at the bottom of this page. Washington Limited Liability Company Fees (Title 25.15 RCW) ...


Washington Limited Liability Company. File Online! - Fee $200, normally processed in 2 business days; RCW 25.15 · Complete Paper Form - Fee $180 processed in order received ...


TENTATIVE FINDINGS OF FACT. Respondents. 1. Mike Watson Investments, LLC (“Mike Watson Investments”) is a Utah limited liability company that was formed on December 6, 2004. Mike Watson Investments is also known as. Mike Watson Investing and may have previously conducted business as Mike Watson Institute.


May 29, 2014 ... diversified portfolio of fixed income securities. 2. PI, a New York limited liability company, will be the investment adviser to the. Initial Fund. PI is and any other Adviser (as defined below) is or will be registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (“Advisers Act”). The Adviser.


Oct 2, 2010 ... Cascade Investment LLC is the private holding company of Bill Gates through which he holds and owns much of his fortune. The investment holding ... In most cases, due to certain tax rules that penalizes reinvesting earnings in regular corporations, modern investors prefer limited liability companies.


Mar 10, 2016 ... Learn about a limited liability company, or LLC, and if it is able to issue stock. Understand the benefits of an LLC, both for taxes and liability.


have insisted that limited liability companies (LLCs) taxed as partnerships convert to C corporations prior to the ... three rationales given for this requirement : (1) certain venture fund limited partners are tax ... to such types of limited partners that likely would result from an investment directly into an LLC, (2) venture funds.