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Jan 1, 2000 ... Want to know at what pace you ran your last race, or what pace you have to maintain to run a goal time? These charts can help you calculate ...


Oct 16, 2009 ... Calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer with the Cool Running pace calculator.


Pace Chart. ... Pace Chart. Minimize. Pace vs Distance. Pace, 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, 10M, 20K, Half, 15M, 30K, 20M, Marathon. 0:04:30, 0:13:59, 0:22:22, 0:27:58 ...


Treat each pace target as the middle of a range. You may train slightly above or below these paces. They are not exact paces and you are not a robot. The chart ...


Running Pace Chart. Mile Pace. 2. Miles. 3. Miles. 5K. 5. Miles. 10K. 15K. 10. Miles. 20K. 13.1. Miles. 26.2. Miles. 4:30. 9:00. 13:30. 13:59. 22:30. 27:58. 41:57.


The easiest and best Marathon Pace Chart on The Net.


Half Marathon Pace Chart. Pace Per Mile. Mile. 5:30. 5:40. 5:50. 6:00. 6:10. 6:20. 6:30. 6:40. 6:50. 7:00. 7:10. 7:20. 7:30. 7:40. 7:50. 1. 5:30. 5:40. 5:50. 6:00. 6:10.


The following chart is a great reference tool for any swimmer. The chart provides general paces in minutes and seconds for set distances from 100 yards (or ...


I used excel to make a chart that helps me convert the MPH that I see on my treadmill to Pace which is Min/Mile. You could also use this to conver pace to MPH.