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What Is the Most Painful Place to Get a Tattoo?
The most painful places to get a tattoo are under the arms, along the rib cage and the lower back. The wrists, knuckles, hands, feet and ankles are also considered painful tattoo spots. Get your first tattoo someplace with padding, such as the upper back... More »
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Jul 28, 2017 ... Here are the most painful places you can get tattooed.


Apr 24, 2015 ... Where is the most painful place to get tattooed? Tattoo pain depends on the part of the body being tattooed, but there's more to it than that.


Aug 25, 2017 ... If you've got a low pain threshold, you might want to think twice before getting a tattoo in any of these parts.


Aug 2, 2015 ... If you're getting a tattoo but want to minimize pain, avoid tattooing these body parts.


Jul 27, 2017 ... When it comes to getting a tattoo, there's usually some level of pain involved. It's all part of the experience. But everyone has their own pain ...


Sep 26, 2017 ... Nobody, ever, in the history of time, has stated that getting a tattoo is 100% painless. We aren't making that claim either. Whether you're getting ...


But, since I went and got one in a very painful place with absolutely no warning, I thought I would look up the most painful places to get a tattoo so I could avoid ...


Jul 6, 2017 ... Click 'NEXT PAGE' for more of the most painful places to get a tattoo. If you found this story interesting, make sure to SHARE this post with all of ...


My advice is to avoid the painful sites and focus on the least painful places to get a tattoo. You will still get some ink, but it won't hurt as much. And the good news ...