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vaziri et al. History of tamponade in retinal detachment surgery. The first description of the use of ... anatomic and visual outcomes with silicone oil versus SF6.


Mar 16, 2016 ... Department of Ophthalmology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, .... Heavy silicone oil vs conventional silicone oil tamponade .... All other authors have no financial disclosures and report no conflicts of interest in this work. .... Boscia F, Furino C, Recchimurzo N, Besozzi G, Sborgia G, Sborgia C. Oxane HD vs ...


Feb 1, 2004 ... Kidwell et al (10) reviewed 178 clinical trials for ischemic stroke from .... Testosterone was studied by comparing castrated versus intact ..... Dawson DA, Wadsworth G, Palmer AM. ..... Pitsikas N, Brambilla A, Besozzi C, et al.


Aug 11, 2014 ... In low TB-burden countries like the U.S, all asymptomatic children living in the ... TB cases versus those without and HIV-positive versus HIV-negative children, ..... S. Paranjothy, and S. R. Palmer, “The transmission of tuberculosis in schools ... G . Besozzi, A. M. Belloni et al., “A school- and community-based ...


Compressive, shear, and fracture behavior of CNT reinforced Al matrix composites manufactured by .... Brandon M. Dodd, Hooman V. Tafreshi, Gary C. Tepper.


Aug 5, 2015 ... ... at http://gydb.org/ares . This article was reviewed by Eugene V. Koonin, and Eric Bapteste. ... Campos et al. 2015. Received: 8 April 2015 ...


Jul 7, 2016 ... In this later approach, a peptide that has a UV cleavage site ..... Hartman et al. used the cell free system (CFS) approach to iden- ...... [74] C.C. Wilson, B. Palmer , S. Southwood, J. Sidney, Y. Higashimoto, E. Appella, ...... [185] M. Panigada, T. Sturniolo, G. Besozzi, M.G. Boccieri, F. Sinigaglia, G.G. Grassi,.


Sep 16, 2010 ... Pteropods can be expected to be found in all Cenozoic marine deposits, but ..... v. 2004a Protatlanta rotundata (Gabb, 1873); Janssen, p. 107, Pl. 2, fig. ...... Only very few specimens from the northern Italian locality Villa Besozzi, Val S. ...... Deborah Wall-Palmer, Christopher W. Smart, Richard Kirby, Malcolm ...