Judge(s) sitting, Simon Brown LJ · Mummery LJ · Latham LJ. Keywords. Directors' duties. Peskin v Anderson [2000] EWCA Civ 326 is a UK company law case concerning directors' ... The court relied upon Stein v Blake [1998] 1 All ER 724 ( at 727D and 729G per Millett LJ) for the principle that a duality of duties may exist .


Dec 10, 2014 ... Similarly, the movement of C. elegans increases under blue or shorter ...... Edwards SL, Charlie NK, Milfort MC, Brown BS, Gravlin CN, et al.


On September 29, 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the first law in the nation prohibiting state-licensed therapists from trying to change the sexual ...


Goodman, A; Mackett, RL; Paskins, J (2011) Activity compensation and activity synergy .... to clarify parts which were unclear or incomplete (Mackett et al., 2005) .


Paskins v. State Date: November 27, 2012. Docket Number: 479, 2012. Matter of a Member .... Brown v. Stornawaye Capital, LLC, et al. Date: October 24, 2012


Anna Goodman, James Paskins, and Roger Mackett. Background: Children ... about the relative contributions of day length and weather, however, or about the underlying behavioral media- tors. ...... appreciate the work of Belinda Brown, Yi Gong, Kay Kitazawa,. Lindsey ... Strong WB, Malina RM, Blimkie CJ, et al. Evidence.


best career opportunities (Kalwarski, Mosher, Paskin, & Rosato,. 2007), but computer .... join the group (Brewer & Weber, 1994; Brown, Novick, Lord, &. Richards ... domain (Murphy et al., 2007; Purdie-Vaughns et al., 2008) or in a stereotypical ...


PASKINS, Aimee Rebecca (2017). Aggregation and ..... 3.3.3 Mimicking Phosphorylation at Serine 87 or Serine 129 Causes Little. Alteration to the ...... including interaction with metal ions (Oueslati, 2016; Brown, 2007; Paik et al.,. 1999), DA ...


Jan 23, 2017 ... A retrospective analysis of the admissions database for a major trauma centre identified all femoral fractures (3150) in a five-year period (July ...