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Before you may enter your personal information to get a passport application status check, you must review the Department of State's Privacy and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts Notices and Disclaimers. This link will open up a new page. Once you have read the notice and disclaimer, close that window and click on the ...


You can check your application status online or by phone. You will need the following information: Last Name. Include suffixes (Jones III, Patton Jr, etc.) Include hyphens as appropriate (Jackson-Smith). Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY); Last Four Digits of Social Security Number. Check Online. Access the Online Passport ...


This tool does not reflect the correct status or delivery information for applications processed at the Special Issuance Agency, including applications for:.


Passport applicants can get real time status updates on their Passport application using the Track Application Status feature.


Track your passport application status. This allows for Jamaican Passport customers who submitted an application in Jamaica, to check and view their application status. Please note that applicants who submitted applications outside of Jamaica such as through a Mission, Consulate or by any other medium will not be able ...


Check the status of your passport after applying for a new passport or to renew or replace an existing passport.


After you have completed the passport application procedure, there will be a waiting period until your passport is issued. During this period, you can tracking passport application status to keep yourself updated. There may be other reasons why you need to check your passport status e.g. you may want to track changes, ...


Checking your U.S. passport application status by phone or online is easy: find out how to do it in this simple and comprehensive guide.


New online application. Use the e-mail and password you used to create an account to: Log in to resume your application · Check the status of your application. Old online application screenshot ...