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The past is a term used to indicate the totality of events that occurred before a given point in time. The past is contrasted with and defined by the present and the ...


Past definition, gone by or elapsed in time: It was a bad time, but it's all past now. See more.


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Definition of past - gone by in time and no longer existing.


past meaning, definition, what is past: done, used, or experienced before now: Learn more.


Define past: ago; just gone or elapsed; having existed or taken place in a period before the present : bygone — past in a sentence.


past meaning, definition, what is past: in or to a position that is further than a particular point: . Learn more.


Define past (adverb, preposition) and get synonyms. What is past (adverb, preposition)? past (adverb, preposition) meaning, pronunciation and more by ...


With most verbs the past tense is formed by adding '-ed'. But there are a lot of irregular past tenses in English.