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Sep 30, 2010 ... We studied cortical epileptic activity in unanesthetized, freely behaving rats ( Kubova et al., 1996), anesthetized macaque monkeys (Haglund .... The effect of hypoventilation on bicuculline-induced spikes was analyzed by comparing the peak response during high pCO2 to the mean value during the 5-min ...


Since TPM is also a CA inhibitor (;;), we repeated the experiments with the CA inhibitor AZM (0.5 mM) instead of TPM and obtained similar results. Peak acidification was slightly enlarged and the pH recovery rate was equally augmented by 38.1% (vs 38.5% by TPM, n=5, see inset Figure 4a). These findings suggest that ...


Jul 6, 2015 ... On behalf of Jonathon Irpino c/o Area Objective, owner of the property at 1818 Burgundy Street, the following information and attached drawings are provided for review ofthe construction ofthree (3) single family residences at the above listed property. The project includes the demolition of an existing.


A. Adalat Antitrust Settlement. Adderall XR® Settlement · Animation Workers Antitrust Litigation. Auto Refinishing Paint Cases. C. California Electrical Carbon Products Cases. California Laminate Antitrust Litigation. California Polychloroprene Cases. Competition Collision Center v. Crompton Corp. Corn Syrup Cases.


May 12, 2016 ... Brian Agujar '95 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Sidney V. '31 and Ann W. Arbour Memorial Endowed Scholarship Sidney Vincent Arbour Sr. and ..... W. Pecue II '78 Performance Contractors Mr. and Mrs. Russel O. Primeaux Mr. and Mrs. David B. Smith '01 Walk-On's Catering Wolf et. al, LLC Leader ...


Sep 30, 2009 ... day Colorado, where the mountain peak that now bears Pike's name was ..... prevented a merger. Both theaters operated. H Society & Culture. Silvain [Sylvain }: Comédie en un acte et en vers by André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry;. Paris: Montulai, ca. 1770 ..... Map from Saulet et al. vs. Shepherd: New orleans ...


Jan 23, 2017 ... Edward, et al, has owned the adjacent tract for some time so you won't find a recent land sale here. But the supply of available lots just increased. ... Remember last week, Scot Guidry, a broker with Mike Falgoust and Associates, sold three lots in this development. Ascension Commerce Center, fifth filing ...


Richard. Rousssel. Headland Rd. H. Farm Rd. Pikes. Peak. Fa rm. R d. Frank lin. Fa rm. R d. Ba rra s. Fa rm. R d. OakA lley Fa rm. Rd. Roussel Farm Rd. H es te ..... Murphy Rd. Po in t V ie illa rd. R d. H ym el S t. Iris St. Church Ln. Tulip St. Hwy 3125 Exch. Tu p e lo. L n. S t. P h illip. S t. Riley St. Lonnie Ln. Stein Ln. N. K ing.


Folder 17: Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office seizure notice, 1874: Notice from Sheriff's office, parish of Orleans, to William Sachs that his bakery, et cetera, have been seized in .... Following is a two-line authorization and the deed of sale of the land to Louis Falgoust, dated 1792 June 10. ..... Folder 133: Andrew W. Smythe v.