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Jun 5, 2018 ... Giving birth makes woman allergic to water ... rapidly on a person's skin almost immediately after touching water, regardless of its temperature.


Feb 18, 2018 ... Rare condition means Minnesota toddler is allergic to water ... be the youngest person to ever be diagnosed with the condition, which usually ...


Feb 24, 2018 ... Doctors have now been able to identify Ivy's problem as aquagenic urticaria (AU), a rare condition in which a person is allergic to water.


Feb 27, 2018 ... ... with aquagenic urticaria, a condition that makes her allergic to water. Here are other things that oddly cause allergic reactions to some people.


Mar 1, 2018 ... The toddler allergic to water, including her own tears video ... As such, doctors believe Ivy may be the youngest person to have been diagnosed ...


Mar 1, 2018 ... An 1-year-old toddler allergic to water, a German town celebrating ... She becomes one of the 50 people in the world to be "allergic to water".


Oct 14, 2016 ... Cases of allergy to water are very rare - but several people came forward to share their experience after the condition was discussed on the ...


According to a report by Dr. Rob for MSN Health and Fitness, people are actually allergic to water, too. How is this possible? Clinically known as aquagenic ...


Mar 1, 2018 ... This little girl is allergic to water, even her own tears! ... we still can't wrap our heads around," Brittany Angerman, Ivy's mother, told People.com.