Lisenba v. People of the State of California, 314 U.S. 219 (1941), was a case in which the United States Supreme Court upheld the criminal conviction and death  ...


The law of California consists of several levels, including constitutional, statutory, and ... The Constitution of California is the foremost source of state law. ... state constitutions derives its power and legitimacy from the sovereignty of the people.


Case opinion for CA Court of Appeal THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA v. WHITNEY DANIEL. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Case opinion for US Supreme Court ADAMSON v. PEOPLE OF STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


The People of the State of California, Plaintiff and Respondent, versus Mario Savio and 571 Others, Defendants and Appellants. Criminal No. 235. On Appeal  ...


314 U.S. 160 (62 S.Ct. 164, 86 L.Ed. 119). EDWARDS v. PEOPLE OF STATE OF CALIFORNIA. No. 17. Reargued: Oct. 21, 1941. Decided: Nov. 24, 1941.


Aug 7, 2015 ... The defendant is charged with a violation of Section 311.3 of the Penal Code of the State of California. Defendant pleads Not Guilty.


The Attorney General is the state's top lawyer and law enforcement official, protecting and serving the people and interests of California through a broad range of ...


The people of the State of California do enact as follows: SECTION 1,. There is hereby granted to the city of San Grant of. Buenaventura. a municipal corporation  ...